Self Defense – tips and tricks from the pros (not me :)

I have been interested in the martial arts, boxing and general self defense for … forever!

I am going to grab some very cool vids and tutorials that provide PRACTICAL tips.  Former Navy Seal Clint Emerson is awesome – and here is one of his books:

now, to fight back

Topics include how to escape from a car trunk, how to throw a fierce elbow strike, and well, 100 different skills in a variety of situations.  There are short video clips by Clint – I know they are available for free to watch on Amazon, but Ill see if I can also copy them here.

Another series of books I am reading is a series of four books by M. Nashiro, which cover pressure points – to inflict pain (and i guess if you’re a master really debilitate an attacker) improvising weapons – how to use what’s around you right

The title and cover are kinda cool and sound sinister, but no, actually these are a series of defense tactics written by Mashiro – who’s written many books on  personal defense.

The third group of books deal with the Dragon’s Touch – here is an example from the book Dragon’s Touch: Weakness in Human Anatomy by  Master Hei Long:


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