my FB rants. Welcome!

He wonders why there was a Civil War. “Someone should look into that”                         well, its now been over 100 days and he breaks his promises to his base, and keeps tossing things over to the 1%

Drain the Swamp – and fill it with rich old white guys who were former Goldman Sachs personel!!!! grrrrrrr

WTF?? Honored to meet Kim Jong un who is a “smart cookie” AND might invite Phillipine’s Duterte – who also slaughtered his own people???? I think we’d be better off with Putin – at least you know what you get.

Barbara Rodriguez Guess u could wait til he is done playing golf, after his 100 days in office (already passed) he has accomplished ONE thing – Appoint a conservative Supreme Court Judge.

Denise Wilson Notice all the people Trump is aligning himself with.. communist and tyrants.. look at his staff, he has a house slave, and a wench (ben and Omarosa), he filled his quota limit.
Vanessa Perova for now … it’s an old, uneducated, white man’s world .. for now. btw i met that jackass in the 90s as many of us in NY did. The old saying is true about the empty barrel makes the most noise certainly is applicable to him. Did you here him talking to the reporter about the Civil War? and he asked, why doesnt anyone try to figure out what it was all about:? OMG OMG well he has his loyal racist base

William Bailey
William Bailey This is what Putin tried so hard for..he knows how weak minded Trump is and can flip on just about anything if someone show’s his the least amount of respect. Damn..Trump would bend over for the Devil himself if the price was right.
Denise Wilson He is a weak-minded fool, who don’t know black history and apparently white history either!! Lol
Kaye Hall Luton Nothing that flies out of his mouth shocks me anymore…after 100 days I have been deducted to shaking my head. Why is that if anyone posts about him, people are like well Obama did this or that…that in itself makes me shake my head.
Vanessa Perova I don’t believe in false imprisonment, starving your own people or murdering civilians … AND your own brother-in-law. I also believe in science, and that global warming exists. I believe in freedom of the press, black lives matter, and people can love whomsoever they want.. so yeah, i am right Carl;

Hiya Denise! The “troublemaker” here visiting you in all of my unholy glory!
I had to post a few things – eg. “drain the swamp” “buy american hire american” so much Crap (read below please)
Here’s my question on the oh so popular chant “make America great again” – ok so what time period are we talking about here? Confederacy? the 1900s – no child labor laws and only white men could vote? oh maybe the 50s? where women were supposed to keep their mouths shut? FU Donald! btw my daily rant shall be up on my wall shortly. But there is SO much material! Power and Peace be the journey love.





w Putin

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