What is a religion? I decided to research Scientology today.

What defines something a a “religion” – i guess a group of people who share the same belief system.
Is there such a thing as a “good religion”?  In my opinion, religions fuel war/hatred/violence – esp when it’s basic message is warped and taken to the extreme. Unfortunately, fanatics distort and misinterpret ideologies as history has shown -particularly in the Judeo/Christian/Muslim faiths.  I think that at all religions are guilty, but the big three, by virtue of their larger congregations, gain more publicity and notoriety.
So Scientology – call it a cult, call it a religion,  is just as…  if not more…  guilty in its exploitation of people “seeking the truth”, trying to better their lives, maybe better human-kind. They exploit children – as former members reveal,  Scientology devalues parent-child relationships.  For eg. the children who’s parents are deeply involved in Scientology are raised and schooled without ever seeing their parents. And as all religions/cults, Scientology tries to persuade–pressure it’s members into donations of time and money.

 I hope that the exposures of Scientology’s morally unacceptable practices – to the world, as I see former member Leah Remini is doing,  helps members who want out, get out, without the fear of losing their friends and families. 

I am reading a few of L Ron Hubbard’s books now, and will continue my thoughts. Thanks! xoxo



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