About me … minus the really cruel stuff


I’ve loved animals since … before I could walk! I drew them, rescued them – within my child-like capacity, but truly became an advocate when I wrote my first threatening “If you don’t take better care of your dog, I WILL contact the ASPCA” hand written and hand delivered note – at the age of 9.

I later achieved an MD degree (IM, Cardio) – in spite of my TRUE desire to become an animal behaviorist. The explanation for this: My mom was born in Poland. At age 7 the family was taken to Siberian work camps – gulags – I believe they did this to many Polish people who had farms and farmland. Mom finally makes it to USA. I am born (an “accident” haha)

I LOVE school and test v high IQ (that’s just luck) I LOVE studying, reading (plus dancing and anything animal but especially dog related!) In my second year of HS I planned out my life: Study very hard and receive all A’s. check! Apply to multiple colleges FAR away from eh … overbearing? … Mom. check! Receive academic scholarship to college away from home. CHECK!!

Ok so now I am in University, and so far, my plans have succeeded. However, even the most experienced of generals know, you cannot predict that which is unknown to you. For me … I was now attending a Co-ed school. GONE is the freedom and confidence I’d always felt in my All Girls’ High School! I am now very far from home (initially by choice) I do have a full academic scholarship (but no actual money) and I am suddenly faced with the fact that I was supposed to share my bliss … coexist … with these, these … guys!

Now let me say that I have a brother one year younger, who I love very much and have many male cousins – love them too – but – boys didn’t like school. Boys didn’t like to study and read books, they made small electric motors (my bro
Chris) and played army men and read comic books (my cuzzes) I did finally in senior year of HS choose to have a bf, but he was an artist.

I always was a feminist, yes – from my fifth grade voice asking Fr Mulcahy “WHY? Why can’t I be an altar girl? ok ok how about a priest then?” I was just told that it was not done. “ Well, “said I, “Father I notice that you have kids (boys) read certain parts during Mass. [Now come on, we all know that 1. they hated it and 2. they were unintelligible] can I read during the Mass Father???” I asked this with a sense of urgency – surely God would see me as fit to read yes?

There was resistance. So I proffered – “let me have a try-out, an audition, and if you and the people listening do NOT think that my reading is better, I will not ask you for any more things. But if I AM better, I get to read, as a reader – a LECTOR – at Mass.” Suffice it to say I crushed my opponents (who frankly, were relieved) but yes yes now we have a female lector … Me!

Ok I know, we were talking about the presence of boys … of men, in my college. This was a tornado of thoughts and feelings and why are they looking at me like that?? – tornado of emotions and sights and sounds. I was assigned the co-ed dorm, but thankfully, my floor was only females. Most of the girls on my floor were nursing students – a few of us were pre-med.

_______________ in progress (need to weed out the violent parts)______